iPerfman 是一个 iPerf3工具,支持所有苹果平台:iOS、iPadOS、macOS和tvOS。

iPerf 系列工具执行测量 IP 网络上可实现的最大带宽。



您可以通过手动设置测试参数来测试更多复杂的网络,例如可以测试 UDP 模式的性能,并使用带宽限制功能来模拟具有带宽限制的网络环境。

iPerfman 支持中文和英文两种语言,您可以在设置中选择您喜欢的语言,便于使用。

总之,iPerfman 是一款强大的网络测速工具,可以帮助您评估网络性能,为您提供更优质的网络体验。

iPerfman is an iPerf3 tool that supports all apple platforms: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS.

The iperf series of tools perform active measurements to determine the maximum achievable bandwidth on IP networks.

Beautiful speedometer and speed chart.

You can test the LAN network speed to find the best WIFI router location.

You can test more complex networks by manually setting test parameters, for example to test the performance of UDP mode, and use the bandwidth-limiting functionality to simulate a bandwidth-constrained network environment.

iPerfman supports both Chinese and English, and you can choose your preferred language in the settings for ease of use.

Overall, iPerfman is a powerful network speed measurement tool that helps you evaluate network performance and provides you with a better network experience.

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