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VoiceAI Chat是一个简单且用户友好的AI聊天应用程序,支持文本和语音输入,能够识别口语并将其转录为文本。此外,该应用程序可以大声朗读AI生成的响应。在先进的OpenAI技术的支持下,用户可以在获得API密钥后轻松与应用程序聊天。

VoiceAI Chat is a simple and user-friendly AI chat application that supports both text and voice input, with the ability to recognize and transcribe spoken language into text. In addition, the app can read out AI-generated responses aloud. Powered by advanced OpenAI technology, users can easily chat with the app after obtaining an API key.

Moreover, the open-source code makes the application transparent and trustworthy.

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